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Pacific 325 A.F.M
Past Officers


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Photos of our Past Officers

2003 Officers


RW Bro. Steve Wilson of Scotland makes presentation to then WM Ed Strickland, PM, in July, 2001.


2001 Lodge Officers

2003 Officers:
Edward Neeley, P.M., W.M.
Bosie Martin, S.W.
Paul Martin, P.M., J.W.
Doyle Jaco, P.M., Secretary
Jim Jaco, Treasurer 
Buster Yandle, S.D.
Larry Crowe, J.D.
Bob Strickland, P.M., S.S.
Jerry Youngblood, J.S.
  (not pictured)
Ed Gunter, P.M., Chaplain
Danny Able, P.M., Tiler

2002 Officers
Edward Neeley, W.M.
Danny Able, P.M., S.W.
Paul Martin, P.M., J.W.
Doyle Jaco, P.M., Secretary
Jim Jaco, Treasurer
Bosie Martin, S.D.
Buster Yandle, J.D.
Bob Strickland, P.M., S.S.
Larry Crowe, J.S.
Ed Gunter, P.M., Chaplain
Jerry Youngblood, Tyler

W. Bro. Edward Neeley, PM 2002 & 2003

HAS ANYONE SEEN THE TRAVELING GAVEL???  If you know of it's location, please contact Bro. Doyle Jaco, P.M., Secretary of Pacific Lodge.  Thanks!

Presented to Pacific 325 from Lodge St. John Muthill 192 in Scotland

More photos forthcoming...